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Hi! I’m Darrah, the book nerd behind Check Your Shelves. I’m a “retired” professional storyteller (aka journalist) raising three little bookworms. I’ve been a bookworm for the better part of four decades. I read any and all genres but especially love a good mystery, and have leaned heavily into rom-coms over the past two years.

I fell in love with books all over again in my twenties, where I resumed reading for pleasure. As a multi-media journalist, I traveled all over the state (thus spending a lot of time alone in the car.) I began checking out CD “books on tape” from our local library to pass the time in the car. Once I became a mom, my love of audiobooks intensified. I quickly realized it was one of the only ways I’d get to read in those early days of motherhood.

As a speed reader, I enjoy audio books at at least 2.0 speed (and can go up to 3.0)  This may surprise you if you heard my slow, Southern West Virginia twang. 😉 

I don’t discriminate against ebooks or {gasp} bonafide bound books, but audiobooks are just way easier for me at this stage of life. I aim for 52 books a year, but often exceed and sometimes even double that goal. Okay, in 2020, I tripled it. In 2021, I read more than 300. Pandemic life y’all. At almost mid-2022, I’m on target to hit 300 books again this year.

Now I’m a stay-at-home mom of three young kids. I pass the time as co-creator of Fourganic Sisters. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my three littles. We have a thriving container garden (to protect our goods against the deer!) I have a houseplant obsession. I like my coffee super strong, dark, and black. I even listen to my Bible devotions in audio mode! My favorite spot to read is perched somewhere in the yard watching over my little wild-lings.

I’m also hard at work on my first novel–a rom-com featuring a neurodivergent heroine (like myself) who’s trying not to fall for her t.v. news nemesis. I have 80,000 words of a very, very first-ish draft penned so far, thanks to NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoFinMo.

Here you’ll find book reviews, book-related activities and crafts, with a bit of momlife sprinkled in. Got a book that should be on my radar? HMU at checkyourshelves@gmail.com or on Instagram (@checkyourshelves) Oh! And Goodreads! Check out my 2020 Reading Challenge progress here.