Accidentally Engaged : A Fun Rom-Com Book Review

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Meet Tina. Tina has been a delightful companion to 2020-21. She makes the BEST pancakes, bread, crackers, pizza crusts, and rolls. She’s a liiiiittle needy… as she prefers filtered water and organic flour, but once you get to know her, she’s super bubbly and will do anything she can to make you happy.

Well, this is a little awkward, but I need to start over. We’re here to talk about an Accidentally Engaged review. That book’s main character is Reena, not Tina the sourdough starter, right?

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Meet Reena. Reena is equally as delightful. She also loves making bread, crackers, and I’m sure she would wax poetic about her love for all the sourdough things with me anytime.  Okay, now that we’re back on track with reviewing Accidentally Engaged, here’s a quick synopsis:

Reena’s father hires Nadim–brown Captain America– and quickly learns of her father’s plans for her future with Nadim. Reena’s baking and cooking her way through a breakup, a job loss, and just overall disappointment in life. Nadim proves to be a welcome distraction, and she may be able to use his company to overcome all of her recent setbacks.

Nadim and Reena agree to fake an engagement to enter a couples video cooking contest. Their on-camera connection is electric… and it’s quickly heating up off camera as well. 

Accidentally Engaged is LOL Funny

I haven’t seen any reviews talk about one of my favorite parts, the “lice incident”. I was laughing SO hard through that whole ordeal, and it made me SO grateful that regular lice checks and/or scares are not part of virtual school!!! The family secrets are wild and totally rom-com perfection.

This book will have you laughing, swooning, drooling, aww-ing, and smiling. You can grab it here on Amazon or try your favorite indie publisher!

Thank you so much to Estelle and Forever for the gifted copy. It was my first ever publisher book mail, so this title will always be near and dear to me 🙂

Tell me in the comments what you’d name a sourdough starter!

All thoughts in this Accidentally Engaged book review are my own!

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