Blog Tour: Set On You by Debut Author Amy Lea

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Set On You is a fun, flirty debut from author Amy Lea. I listened to this on audio last week thanks to a complimentary audiobook from Penguin Random House Audio. Today I’m sharing my thoughts about Set On You as part of a blog tour for Berkley Publishing.

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Set On You Synopsis

Crystal Chen is a 20-something fitsagrammer (fitness Instagrammer) who’s garnered more than 200-thousand Instagram followers for her authentic social media presence. . She’s a biracial personal trainer with curves, and known for shattering stereotypes in the gym (and not feeding the social media trolls).

She and Scott cross gym paths at the squat rack one day, and the sparks are immediate, but for all the wrong reasons. They’re insta-enemies who butt heads from day one, until one day, those sparks ignite and the two share a passionate kiss at the gym.

After nearly getting busted making out, they vow to go back to their nemesis ways. Crystal doesn’t even know “Squat Rack Thief”‘s actual name. I definitely called him Squatty Scottie in my mind for way too long…

It’s not long before Squatty Scottie (last time for the nickname, promise) and Crystal come face-to-face at an engagement part. The happy couple– his grandpa and her grandma. What? This was such a fun subplot. The grandma is so sweet. I absolutely love how close both Crystal and Scott are to their respective grandparents. They totally try to meddle in their grandkids’ love lives, and I was very here for that.

I like that Scott really starts to grow on the reader as we find out more about his backstory. I also really love that we don’t lose the quippy back and forth between the pair even as they move away from being nemeses. It’s playful and witty and perfect.

The banter is really good, the steam is just right (especially that bathtub scene!). It’s open door, but not like Tessa Bailey levels.

A left hand holds a phone with a digital cover of Set on You on the screen. To the right of the phone are a set of pink hand weights sitting on a table. There’s a blurred out white wicker couch in the background with bright orange cushions and colorful throw pillows.

My Favorite Things About Set on You

Here are my favorites things about the story:

  • Crystal’s interactions with her training clients (I wouldn’t have minded a few more of these tbh!)
  • Crystal’s instagram interludes (I love seeing unique ways to break up chapters like this!)
  • Scott’s job as a firefighter (I enjoyed seeing him in action at the station!)
  • the meddling grandparents (seriously so cute)
  • the easy banter between the couple (It’s worth mentioning once again!)

Set On You Audiobook Narration

I liked the narration from new-to-me narrator Carolyn Kang, but she did sound pretty young to me. I think maybe she would be perfect for a YA story. She gave the story a lightheartedness that set the right tone for the fun, playful vibes we get for a good portion of the book.

The audio is 9 hours and 53 minutes and available through Penguin Random House Audio. I listened via the PRH Audio app at 2x narration.

Takeaways from the Story

I think one of my favorite takeaways from the story was when Crystal moved from using “body positivity” and “self-love” to “body respect” and “self-acceptance” because she says “loving yourselves all the time is unrealistic”. It’s a great message, and I think all the themes around “fitness” were handled with care in the story. There are definitely a few content warnings (mostly dealing with social media trolls.) Don’t skip the sweet, heartful author’s note for this one!

Amy Lea is an Asian-Canadian government analyst. She’s a fellow bookstagrammer over at — @amyleabooks, where she promotes and reviews contemporary romance novels. You can also find her online at

Thanks so much to Berkley and NetGalley for an eARC, and for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour. It released May 10, 2022.

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