Exes and O’s Audiobook Review

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If you’re looking for a heart-eye emoji inducing book, this is it. It’s a love letter not only to people who just love love, but also to bookstagrammers. And the Exes and O’s audiobook? Chef’s kiss. Triple heart eyes. (Thanks to PRHAudio for a complimentary audiobook.)

Tara Chen is a romance novel obsessed nurse. Over and over again she’s failed to find true love, and she’s convinced the modern meet-cute is dead. A year after being dumped by her fiance for her so-called stage-five clinger tendencies, she’s finally starting a new chapter in her life. She’s swapping apartments with her sister’s man. Things should have been super awkward between Tara and her new roommate after she walked in on him mid-kitchen hookup. Instead, she and Trevor hit it off and become fast friends. Trevor agrees to help Tara find “The One”… and she’s turning to a tried and true trope–second chance romance. She’ll test the waters again with ten exes, trying to find out where things went wrong.

Firefighter Trevor is used to putting out fires all over town, but what happens when sparks ignite in his own heart and he can’t seem to douse them? Trevor is by far one of the sexiest, softest, sweetest male MCs I’ve read in a romance. 

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Exes and O’s Thoughts

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Get ready for a slow burn, but worth it! Tara and Trevor’s relationship seemed fully fleshed out by the time we reached our guaranteed HEA, and seeing them really get to know each other as friends first was such a sweet treat. It’s not super steamy, but it is open door for a couple scenes.

The side characters were a nice balance to the story. It was delightful to catch up with Tara’s sister Crystal and Scott from Set on You. The exes were a great mix of silly, sweet, and salty. Tara’s side gig as a bookstagrammer/vlogger felt so validating. (I also do a bookstack fundraiser for a heart cause near and dear to me!)

Finally, THE EPILOGUE!!!!!!!!! Omg. My heart felt like it was going to flutter right out of my chest. A-freaking-dorable.

Exes and O’s Audiobook

Narrator Natalie Naudus couldn’t have been more perfect for the audiobook. I’m in awe of how she can transform her voice to meet each character. Different ages, genders, personalities–she really is such a chameleon. It’s 9 hours and 37 minutes and I listened at 2.0 speed.

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