Giddy Up: Kit McBride Gets a Bride Audio Review

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Kit McBride Gets a Wife is wacky ride back in time! From the cover, I’ll admit I was expecting a bit more wild, Wild West vibes, but it was still an entertaining read! I listened to the book on audio thanks to Penguin Random House Audio. If you want specific details on the audiobook, skip to the end! Thanks to Berkley for inviting me to be part of the book tour for Kit McBride Gets a Wife, and for the digital review copy. Look at this cute cover! I love the colors, the contrasting fonts, and the whole vibe you get going into the story.

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About Kit McBride Gets a Wife

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Historical romance is a genre I’m slowly dipping my toes into. This is unlike any of the ones I’ve picked up so far! There are no dukes, rakes, or wallflowers in sight, and yet I found myself swept away in the atmosphere! 

Junebug McBride… all she does is work, work, work, work, work, taking care of her four older brothers. She’s sick and tired of being the only girl around in her teensy tiny Montana town. It’s the mid-1800s, so she can’t exactly create a fake dating profile for her brothers and swipe right on a potential match. She does the old school equivalent– placing a secret advertisement out for a mail-order bride.

the book cover for Kit Mcbride gets a wife

Kit McBride is a voracious reader, soaking up all the information he can about women through his beloved books. In real life, however, he hasn’t the slightest idea how to handle one (who’s not related to him…) 

Maddy Mooney took a job with a poor widow when she emigrated from Ireland, and her mistress answers, unbeknownst to her, Junebug’s ad. The pair makes their way to Montana, but her employer ditches her along the way. Maddy has no choice but to take her place. Maddy and Junebug work together to convince Kit she’s indispensable. 

Despite being a historical romance, Kit’s younger sister Junebug certainly stole the show for me! She was such a clever character. She had to be so much more mature than others her age, since she had no real caregivers, but she retained a playful side that kept readers laughing.

There are some heavier themes and scenes in the book, like the deaths of so many of Maddy and Junebug’s siblings. There are vivid descriptions of terrifying winter storms they had to survive, but it’s all written with care.

Managing Expectations…

It’s very slow burn, and the romance is closed door, and minimal at best. I think if you have those expectations going in, you’ll enjoy the ride! The McBride family is cute and quirky, and I’m anxious to see if another brother will get a book.

Kit McBride Gets a Wife on Audio

I listened to the Kit McBride Gets a Wife audio via the prhaudio app. The audiobook is just a little more than 11 hours, and narrated by Eva Kiminsky. It was really well done. I thought she did a great job with the twangy accents of the McBrides and the Irish lilt for Maddy.

You can grab the Audible version here, or on LibroFM.

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