Shipped Book Review (Spoiler Alert: It’s Amazing!)

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If Shipped isn’t already on your radar, I hope this Shipped book review will seal the deal for you!

  • Witty banter?
  • Fabulous writing?
  • Incredible tension?
  • Enemies-to-lovers?
  • Tropical destination?
  • Confident, competent female MC?

YUP. Shipped checks ALL the boxes for the BEST kind of rom-com out there. I still can’t believe this is a DEBUT from Angie Hockman. I’m not one to name favorites, but this book soared into my top 5 rom-com reads in 2020 after I devoured it in 24 hours with the ladies of @lovearctually. It’s funny, sexy, and will take you on an epic adventure to the Galapagos Islands. The writing flows effortlessly, never a lull or dull moment.

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Shipped Premise

Henley Evans is balancing a budding career in promotions for a Seattle-based cruise line while pursuing her MBA. She’s been rage-emailing with Graeme, her remote-based social media manager for months when she finds out he’ll be her competitor for a giant promotion.

The challenge: spend two weeks on a cruise to the Galápagos together. The best proposal on how to boost bookings wins the promotion. 

Shipped Thoughts

This book is so much more than a romance read. Besides the SIZZLING chemistry, it has family drama, work drama, and relationship drama without being “extra.” It strikes such a great balance overall and everything is woven together so well.

Seeing how Henley’s relationship with her (seemingly) immature younger sister Walsh evolves is a great subplot in the book.

I also love Henley’s colleagues and friends. Seeing how supportive (most!) of them were and seeing how they really rooted for each other’s success was refreshing.

Finally, if you aren’t sold on ANY AND ALL OF THOSE THINGS, Angie Hockman has really shone a light on eco-tourism and its importance. Don’t skip the author’s note to find out how you can support some of the causes near and dear to her. She graciously chatted with us via Zoom recently and she’s just as funny and endearing as her writing comes across!

You can TAKE A CHANCE( ←– oh, I failed to mention the epic Abba lip-sync battle? Well, there’s that too… ) on Shipped when it releases January 19th. Thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for an eARC of this title.

Shipped Book Review | Check Your Shelves

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