You Have A Match Book Review

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This was our second buddy read for our ARC-reading Bookstagram book club–lovearctually, and once again, it didn’t disappoint. (You can see my review for our inaugural read here.)

I’ve read SO many good YA books that I probably never would have picked up on my own thanks to some buddy read encouragement.

You Have A Match Book Thoughts

Here’s why I loved this one.


Leo, who was adopted early in life with his sister, does a DNA test to try to find familial matches. He convinces his BFFs Abby and Connie to join him. While Leo is disappointed with his lack of answers, Abby finds out she has an older sister. The book, while definitely⁠⠀
part romance, is more about the sister/family connections and friendships. Abby connects with her sister, insta-famous Savannah, aka “Savvy”, and the pair spends the summer together at camp. They’re working to get to know each other and also try to find out what the heck happened in their past to separate them.

The setting

Based mostly in Seattle and its surrounding areas. The summer camp aspect was adorable. Having attended (church) summer camp for YEARS as a kid/teen, the connections made there have truly lasted a lifetime for me. I love seeing the bonds between the longtime campers.

You Have a Match Book-Final thoughts

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There was so much to love about this book! There was SO much food talk. Budding chef Leo created some incredible dishes. Again, I loved the bonds forged at camp and beyond. Finally, without giving away spoilers, I love the vibes of (especially in YA) of a “happy for now” rather than a HEA.

Pub Date: January 12, 2021. Thanks to Netgalley, Emma Lord, and Wednesday Books for an eARC for review purposes.

You Have a Match book review

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